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CARLine is a manufacturer of major car spare parts, offering German quality at affordable price.

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"A quality to trust!"

Jörgen, BTW Spedtion, Germany

"CARLine has gotten my trucks back home even at worst weather conditions"

Olaf Hordstrom, Norway

"No problems since 2001"

Pedros Portopoupolos, Athen Trans, Greece

All CARLine spare parts are manufactured by the highest European standards.

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About the company

CARLine was founded in 1997 in Papenburg, Germany, where the ATP  (Automotive Testing Papenburg) is located , which is one of the most modern proving ground for passenger cars and commercial vehicles of the world. Carl Hertler, senior tester at ATP teamed up with engineers to create a range of products with excellent quality at a reasonable cost by using most advanced technologies and high-quality components available. Today the company has it’s products distributed worldwide with the focus on emerging markets where the need for quality spare parts is most critical.

"All motorists deserve a safe home ride, no matter how much they paid for it."

Carl Hertler, Carline founder


Oil filters



CARLine oil filters efficiently purify oil from dust, metal particles, soot, carbon deposits and other substances. Our product range includes filters for hydraulic, transmission and engine oil. The filters are manufactured with quality filter paper (Ahlstrom), which provides filtering level of 99.9%. Directional valves in filters are made of natural silicone, eliminating the reverse leakage of oil into the crankcase when the engine is stopped, thereby greatly increasing the service life of the engine. The filter housing is made of high quality steel, providing corrosion resistance and resistance to the effects of the oil pressure.




product range

Technical info:

The quality and reliability of CARLine lapms has deservedly won the highest praise of consumers, as their flawless work is a factor in safety. The production process in CARLine is carried out under strict quality control with the standards QSO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001. Each product goes through several stages of testing the strength, accuracy, integrity, vibration resistance, brightness, lifetime and resistance to surges that allows us to be fully confident in the absolute reliability of the product.

Air filters

dust holding capacity

for any engine

Technical info:

CARLine air filters are made only from only high quality filter materials and sealings, offering constant filtration and stable air flow to the engine. This creates the highest quality of the fuel-air mixture, which in turn provides a stable and long term operation of the engine.

CARLine filters use Ahlstrom filter paper that has five fold impregnation, allowing it to clean the intake air by a factor of 99.9%. Sealing along the edge filter is made of natural rubber which provides a uniform tight fit of the filter to the edge of the seat. Filter is reinforced with plastic frame to prevent any tearing of the filter paper.

Brake pads

quality friction

for maximum safety and superior braking comfort

Technical info:

Our brake pad range combines our years of experience with the latest technology in braking systems. Our experience allows to improve products for road vehicles and make the brake pads reliable, practical and durable. The working surface of semi-metallic pads contains particles of ferrous (iron) and non-ferrous metals (copper). Copper provides additional viscosity that improves braking efficiency but also absorbs heat that provides efficient cooling during heavy braking. Various usage tests show that semi-metallic brake pads can last up to 30,000 km. In semi-ceramic brake pads the working surface is made of ceramic with copper particles, which allows the brake pads to work up to 40,000 km without having a negative impact on the brake disc, thus working without noise and dust.

Parts for all road vehicles

CARLine product range covers cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. We are specialized on durability and affordance, which are important qualities for everyone, no matter if you own a car or a fleet of trucks.

  • Cars

  • Trucks and buses

  • Motorcycles

Tested on real men

CARLine has always been a strong supporter of motorsports, especially endurance races like Paris-Dakar Rally. As most cars on the street do not instantly fall apart because of bad components, in a race a faulty brake pad can even cost lives. Races like Paris-Dakar Rally give us perfect conditions for testing our materials and technology as the heat, dust and vibration that the cars have to endure is the most hostile environment our parts can meet on the planet Earth. And the teams we are sponsoring have full trust on our parts, which is the biggest compliment a company can earn.

  • Dust tested

  • Heat tested

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